Venice, Italy

If there are two driving forces I can pinpoint as having propelled my life’s direction more than anything else, they would without a doubt be my love of writing, and an almost-instinctual need to travel.

Most of my earliest memories revolve around stories—whether the ones I wrote, or those in the books I devoured, they served as my escape from a small-town upbringing that always felt a little too stagnant.

Growing up, I pored over travel magazines the way other kids tore through comic books, scoured the internet for travel contests and scholarships to far-away summer camps, romanticized the idea of escaping to boarding school—and for a duration of several months our mailbox was overstuffed with admission materials (much to my parents’ chagrin.) I yearned for road trips and exotic vacations, and for all the experiences I imagined and all the ones that never came to be, the worlds I created in my writing were destinations that never wavered.

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Portland, Oregon

I’m a born-and-raised Oregonian, and the Pacific Northwest will always have a piece of my heart, but something about Southern California had for as long as I could remember called to me in songs, book and movies. California in general has always captivated me, particularly its past, from the Beach Boys to old Hollywood to the mostly land-of-milk-and honey era of one of my very favorite novels, Grapes of Wrath, it was always a golden, glimmering beacon of opportunity and life lived to the very fullest, with an unmistakably darker undercurrent of loss and broken dreams that piqued my interest.

Eventually, I made my way to the University of Southern California, graduating in 2016. I’ve since lived in the Bay Area and currently reside in Los Angeles, where I’ve made writing and digital media my focus, though I still find myself called to explore elsewhere more often that not.

Bali, Indonesia

While in college, the one thing I’d always resolved to do was study abroad, and so for six whirlwind months during my junior year, I made London my home. I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin and Easter at Versailles, walked along the Berlin Wall, sailed across Loch Ness, took the train up and down Italy. I experienced things I always assumed would only ever be real for me in books, and the possibility of making those worlds truly real is what has always propelled me to pursue travel. I’ve made my home on three continents so far in my lifetime, and hope I’ve only yet seen a small portion of the world I’ll get to know in the rest of it.

Travel is a sensory overload in the best way possible. It is beautiful and sometimes painful, it is sublime and bittersweet, exhausting and completely invigorating. And so, in a perhaps futile attempt to capture those experiences, if only fleetingly, I’ve created this blog as a home for my thoughts and photos from the places I’ve been, and all the places I hope to go.



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